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The Bakery Nougat is a set of nougat that is made differently from the traditional Turrón de Alicante, Turrón de Jijona and Turrón a la Piedra. Its elaboration process takes place in containers and factory areas separated from traditional nougat.

Although the main ingredient is still the almond, it is used to a lesser extent and is combined with other raw materials of first quality to achieve flavors really appreciated by our consumers.

This type of nougat is very appreciated by lovers of marzipan. Since, for its base of almond, the texture of all the nougats of the workshop is quite similar to each other, and very similar to marzipan. What does vary is the taste, depending on the extra ingredients they may present, such as: nuts, yolk, candied fruit, coconut, lemon zest, etc.

As a result of combining the above ingredients we have the types of nougat that we will cite below.

Types of baker's nougat

  • Natural Yolk Nougat

    It is obtained from the combination of almond, yolk and sugar, which gives rise to a kind of very tasty soft marzipan, which delights lovers of this type of nougat.

  • Toasted Yolk Nougat

    The best-selling baker's nougat of all and that never lacks in the Christmas season table. Its characteristic color and flavor is the result of adding above sugar bars natural yolk nougat; and apply a toasting process to get that golden color so peculiar. Both this nougat and natural yolk, emerged as a way to give output to the leftover yolks obtained from the manufacturing process of Alicante Turrón and Jijona, which used the egg whites, but not the yolks. Nowadays it has become one of the references in terms of nougats of the bakery.

  • Candied Fruit Nougat

    Also known in some place as Nougat of Snow with Fruit or Nougat of Marzipan with fruit, is the result of combining the marzipan obtained from the Marcona almond with candied fruit.

  • Marzipan Nougat with nuts or Natanuez

    In a similar way to the previous one, in this case natural nuts embedded inside the marzipan are added, obtaining a product with an authentic flavor in which the quality ingredients used stand out.


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