We have updated all our product sheets adding information related to allergens Gluten and Lactose.

Specifically, the corresponding icons of Nougat WITHOUT GLUTEN and Nougat WITHOUT LACTOSE are shown in the short description of the product that we see below:

In addition to this, in the long description of the product (under the photo), you can see the information regarding the nutritional information of the nougat, as well as its ingredients.

Below we will make a brief summary showing the information regarding these allergens most consulted by our customers through the contact channels during the last weeks:

  • JIJONA Nougat, ALICANTE Nougat, GUIRLACHE Nougat -> are GLUTEN FREE TURRONS without LACTOSE. Both in its Gourmet edition and in Suprema. (This information does not affect nougats in the category without added sugars).

  • Nougat a la Piedra: it is a nougat LACTOSE, but may contain GLUTEN.

  • Fondant Chocolate Nougat with Almond -> is a nougat WITHOUT GLUTEN, but may contain lactose. Tando in the Gourmet variety, as in the Suprema variety.

  • Toasted / Natural Yolk Nougat: it is a nougat WITHOUT GLUTEN, but may contain LACTOSE.