Shipment to Europe map
We inform you that it is already possible to send shipments to all of Europe from our website. After Portugal and France, we extended the destinations of our sweet jijonenco to the rest of Europe.

After several weeks looking for the best option, we have achieved one of the most competitive shipping conditions in the sector.

First, we will show you a map divided by zones depending on the shipping costs of each destination country:

Zonas envío turrón europa

The zones I, II and III absent on the map would correspond to the shipments to Spain (Peninsula and Islands), Portugal and Andorra already known that you can consult from the Shipping reference page.

  • Zone IV: France(FA), Germany(DE) y Monaco(MO).

  • Zone V:: Italy (IT), Belgium(BE), Austria(AT), Czech Republic(CZ), Denmark(DK), Nederlandss(NL) y Luxembug(LU).

  • Zone VI: : United Kingdom (GB), Switzerland (CH), Poland(PL), Hungary(HU), Slovenia(SL) y Slovakia(SK).

  • Zone VII: Ireland(IE), Norway(NO), Sweden(SE), Finland(FI), Estonia(EE), Latvia(LV), Lithuania(LT), Croatia(HR), Serbia(RS) y Romanía(RO).

  • Zone VIII: Iceland(IS), Turkey(TR), Greece(GR), Albania(AL), Bosnia and Herzegovina(BA),Faroe Islands(FO), Montenegro(ME), Macedonia(MK), Cyprus(CY) y Malta(MT).  

The shipping cost * for each zone would be the following:

DestinationUp to 2kgUp to 3kgUp to 5kgUp to 7kgUp to 10kgUp to 20kg
Zone IV16.70€**17.91€19.06€19.76€21.05€24.08€
Zone V20.18€21.70€22.82€24.49€25.88€28.06€
Zone VI24.36€25.88€26.03€26.31€28.94€32.43€
Zone VII35.49€37.16€42.48€43.285€42.23€46.90€
Zone VIII50.52€55.94€68.88€82.10€105.34€194.12€

*Approximate shipping cost may suffer slight decreases or increases in it depending on the order placed. 
** All prices on our website are VAT INCLUDED.

As you can see, there is not a very big price difference between shipments of 2 to 10kg, most of the cost is given by the displacement itself, regardless of the weight of the package. That is why we recommend that, instead of making several small orders, all orders are grouped into one to get a cheaper shipping.

If you have any questions about this, as we always tell you, do not hesitate to contact us through any of our channels. In particular for this topic we recommend these two:

  • sending an email to this address we can clarify any questions you have or even place the order via email if you prefer.
  • Chat Online. Sending a message through our online chat is the fastest way to resolve any doubt. In just a few seconds any of the members of our team will be happy to assist you and give you a fully customized assistance to choose the best possible shipment.

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