Flan de turrón la carrasqueta

Soft nougat flan

  •   Easy

  •   8-10 people

  •   40 min. of preparation

Today we want to share with you a recipe that is very simple and easy to make, but at the same time it gives a fantastic result. If the homemade custard is already delicious, when mixed with our artisan nougat, the result is delicious.

This original turron flan is a very typical dessert for Christmas parties that will allow us to enjoy the taste of the best nougat but in a softer and creamier thanks to the texture of the flan. In addition to Christmas, this recipe is a fantastic solution to take advantage of the soft nougat that we have left after it is finished.

In this way we can innovate and present the nougat in a very attractive way for the little ones and adults of the house who often have problems with the hardness of nougat.

Ingredients soft nougat flan

First of all, we are going to see the ingredients that we are going to need to be able to start making our homemade nougat custard.

Ingredients for 8 people:

Flan de turrón con café

Nougat Flan recipe

  1. First we will make the caramel of our flan: We will heat the 80g of sugar in a small saucepan over high heat. When we see that it begins to change color, we will lower the heat and tilting the saucepan we will move the candy until we see that it takes a golden color (neither too light nor too toasted). It is very important not to go over the point with the candy, because if it burns it will become bitter and we will have to repeat the process again.

  2. Once the candy is made, we will distribute it in the flanera along its entire surface. If we have opted for individual puddings we will do the same operation in each of the smaller flaneras. In our case we have opted for a large silicone flanera (not rigid) that will facilitate the demolding process much later.

  3. After this, we put to preheat the oven at about 175ºC. Next we will put a container with water for the water bath, high enough so that when we put our mold with the flan the water does not spill inside.

  4. Put the milk to heat in a saucepan over low heat until it starts to smoke but does not come to boil.

  5. Meanwhile we cut the nougat into pieces and put it in the blender bowl.

  6. Beat the eggs in a separate bowl and then mix in the blender with the pieces of nougat and milk once heated.

  7. Beat the whole mixture well until it is completely uniform.

  8. Pour the mixture over the mold and place the mold on the container with water that should cover about half of our mold.

  9. We put the mold in the container with water that we had in the oven and we will leave our flan in the bain-marie for at least 60 minutes. After this time you can try with a knife if our flan is already set or not. If when introducing the knife it comes out with liquid is that the flan has not set in its entirety.
  10. After this, let it cool to room temperature. Once tempered, we will cool it in the refrigerator 3-4 hours before being consumed, this will give it consistency and texture.

  11. We unmold very carefully in a fountain, and we add some leaves of peppermint or mint decoration and ... we would have our nougat flan ready to serve!

Racion Flan de turrón
- Advice for individual flans

We can use small molds for individual custards instead of a large mold. For this, we must take into account that the baking time will be less, approximately in 30 minutes we would have our individual puddings.

I have been all for today, we hope you liked the recipe and try to do it at home.

As always, we will be happy that you share with us the photos of your homemade nougat flans or ask us any doubts you have in the comments or through our social networks.

Greetings to all and see you in the next recipe! ❤️