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What is chocolate?

Chocolate is obtained from cocoa beans. Cocoa butter and cocoa mass are obtained from these seeds, which by varying the proportions between these and the sugar give rise to all kinds of chocolates.

How is chocolate made?

Cocoa beans have to go through several processes to become the chocolate that we taste in our homes. Some of the most important manufacturing processes are:

  • The roasting of its grains, which increases its aroma and allows the elimination of the skin and impurities.
  • Roasting, which consists of homogeneous roasting at around 110ºC to eliminate moisture and acidity while further intensifying its aromas.
  • Hulling and screening after roasting, which separates the edible part from the inedible part.
  • Mixing, where different types of grains are mixed before being ground.
  • Grinding and churning, where the beans are ground and churned at a constant temperature of around 70ºC for a maximum of 3 days. This is how cocoa paste is obtained.
  • Pressing, which consists of extracting the cocoa butter from the cocoa paste.

What types of chocolate are there?

We can classify them according to…

  • Its proportion of cocoa and color:
      • Dark chocolate

        Its main ingredients are cocoa and sugar, and its cocoa content is usually greater than 50%, which gives it a dark color. The greater the proportion of cocoa it contains, the darker the resulting chocolate will be.

      • Milk chocolate

        Its main ingredients are cocoa, sugar and milk. The proportion of cocoa is usually less than 50% and its color is lighter.

      • White chocolate

        Its main ingredients are cocoa butter, sugar and milk. The proportion of cocoa butter is usually less than 20% and does not contain cocoa paste. It is usually extremely sweet.

      • Pink chocolate

        Pink chocolate is made from the "ruby" cocoa bean, giving it its characteristic pink color.

  • Its use or purpose:
      • Coverage chocolate or fondant

        It has a higher cocoa butter content than other chocolates, which makes it very moldable and ideal for use in confectionery as coverage.

      • Hot chocolate

        It is usually used dissolved in milk and can be found in dry powder form. Its ingredients are cocoa and some thickener such as corn flour.

      • Chocolate as a gift

        It is common to use chocolate in its different forms as an original gift between friends or relatives, especially chocolates.

  • Its form:
      • Tablets

        This is its most common form. The tablet is usually divided into equal sized ounces. Tablets typically weigh about 100 to 300 grams.

      • Bonbons

        They are small portions with mixtures of chocolate and/or other ingredients (nuts, fruits, liqueurs...) with intense and delicate flavors.

      • Cake

        We also find it in the form of cakes, where it is usually accompanied by almonds or other nuts.

      • Chocolate truffles

        Even without truffles as an ingredient, chocolate is usually presented in the form of a chocolate truffle.

      • Chocolate Eggs

        It is common to find chocolate in the form of eggs.

      • Chocolate shavings

        Perfect for decorating cakes and for the world of pastries and confectionery.

      • Chocolate Noodles

        Chocolate in the form of a noodle that is often used for the exterior decoration of Neapolitans and other bakery and pastry products.

      • Chocolate powder

        It is very common in large supermarkets and is mainly used to mix with other liquids, especially milk.

      • Other alternative shapes

        The creativity of chocolatiers has no limits, so we can also find them in shapes such as chocolate hearts, chocolate cigars, chocolate branches...

  • Its provenance:
      • Swiss Chocolate

        Known around the world for its highest quality standards, Swiss Chocolate uses high-level techniques that result in smooth, creamy chocolate that melts in your mouth.

      • Belgian chocolate

        Another world famous chocolate that stands out for its special care in the production techniques.

  • Your accompaniment:
      • Chocolate with fruits

        Chocolate goes perfectly with fruits like strawberries or bananas.

      • Chocolate with nuts

        Our chocolate nougats usually combine cocoa with nuts such as hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds, etc., providing an exquisite mix of flavours.

  • Specific diet:
      • Sugar free chocolate

        Chocolate with 0 added sugars. A sugar substitute (sweetener) is used as the sweetener. This chocolate is suitable for diabetics.

      • Gluten-free chocolate

        Chocolate whose ingredients are gluten-free and suitable for coeliacs.

      • Lactose-free chocolates

        Chocolate for lactose intolerant. The milk in this chocolate has been treated to remove its lactose, making it a more digestible chocolate.

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