Welcome to our section of turron dessert recipes where periodically we will show you our selection of recipes where we will have as our main ingredient our artisan nougat.

Desserts with nougat are another original way to present our delicious sweet and surprise our family and guests any time of the year. In addition, these recipes will come great to take advantage of the remains of nougat that we have left over from the holidays.

Before choosing any of our recipes, we have to tell you that eating artisan nougat is a good way to eat sweets in a healthy way, since most of our products do not use additives or preservatives to get the most authentic and rich taste possible.

Desserts with soft nougat

Prepare homemade tiramisu in a simple way and enjoy this delicious cold dessert. Very creamy texture and exquisite taste on the palate

  •  Medium

  •  50 min. of preparation

  •  18 portion cake

Very simple recipe! Discover how to make homemade nougat flan in just a few minutes and be able to surprise your guests with this delicious Jijonenco dessert. Especially indicated for the smallest of the house.

  •  Easy

  •  40 min. of preparation

  •  8 people

Desserts with Thermomix nougat

Receta turrón blando thermomix miniatura

Many of you have consulted us how to make soft nougat or jijona in thermomix, in the following article we leave this easy thermomix recipe for you to try it at home and tell us your experience [...]

  •  Low Dificulty

  •  20 min. 

Desserts with hard nougat (coming soon)

Now all you have to do is choose the recipe that you like the most and try to make it at home, I'm sure it works wonders for you.

Once you have your recipe ready, we encourage you to send us a photo to our social networks and thus be able to share your experiences with our followers and that they can be encouraged to try them at home too.

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