Many of you have consulted us how to make soft nougat or jijona in thermomix, so, we are going to leave you the recipe to make homemade soft nougat in thermomix.

Among all the ingredients to make turrón de Jijona, the quality of the almond we use is very important, we recommend using Marcona almond. This type of almond is so appreciated because it releases more oil giving nougat a more intense flavor.

Soft nougat ingredients

Ingredients for a 500g tablet:

  • 300g of Marcona almond (without skin).
  • 200g sugar.
  • 50g orange blossom honey.

Marcona Almond

How to make soft almond nougat

  1. After preheating the oven, we will start roasting the almond. We will put the raw and skinless marcona almond on a tray baked at 180º for about 10 minutes. Once roasted, remove and let them cool.

  2. Next, we spray the 200g of sugar in the thermomix for 30 seconds at a progressive speed of 5 to 10.

  3. Now add the toasted almonds and mash with the thermomix at speed 5 for 15 seconds. After this time we will add the honey, we will increase the speed progressively until we reach 8 and we will maintain the speed until we get the right texture; where the almonds begin to release their oil and we see that the dough is like sawdust. We must be careful not to spend time and that the dough does not turn into a paste too oily as a result of crushing the almond too much.

  4. Once the dough is made, we will line the mold on which we will pour the dough with vegetable paper so that the paper protrudes from the ends and then covers the whole surface of the nougat. In mold we will use a wooden box, similar to the ones we use in our Turrón a la Piedra Madera since it brings a more artisan finish.

  5. We will pour the dough in our wooden box, pressing with the help of a spatula so that it is as smooth and pressed as possible. Once poured, cover with the remaining paper that we prepared in the previous step and put some weight to help press the nougat.

  6. Let stand the minimum nougat for 6 or 7 hours for the dough to release the almond oil (a process known as sweating nougat). After the first 2 hours we can remove the weight and close with the wooden lid. Once the total time has elapsed, we can only enjoy our homemade soft nougat made with the thermomix.
- Tip:

The minimum time of rest of the nougat will vary depending on the point we want to give our nougat, how oily we have been the dough depending on the type of almond we have used and the time we have had crushing the almond.

This recipe can be a good opportunity to surprise your relatives with an original recipe at Christmas. But if you want to eat the best turrón we recommend you go safe and bet on our best selling nougat:

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