The eighth edition of the route Tapeando with Nougat by Jijona will be held from May 3 to 26, in which a total of 10 establishments will participate, including bars, restaurants, coffee shops and ice cream parlors that will compete to win each of the following prizes. At stake: better tapa, better tapa with nougat and better presentation of the 2019 edition.

Visitors also enjoy our delicious tapas, you can vote for your favorite tapas and enter the raffle for fantastic prizes. We explain how a little lower

Cartel Tapeando con Turrón 2019

Jijona tapas route

In recent years the route has established itself as one of the gastronomic events of reference within the province of Alicante. The uniqueness in terms of content and variety of the tapas along with the quality of the product jijonenco make a very attractive combination for all our visitors.

As every year, each establishment may submit three tapas to the route with the condition that the nougat is present in at least one of the three.

The tapas and establishments present this edition are the following:

Tapas, Tapeando con turrón Jijona 2019
1. Cervecería El Mosset

 C/ Jaume I, 6 ☎️625 181 872  M a D de 12 a 17 y 19 a 23.30h

  1. Sirloin Mosset: Sirloin toast, cheese and nougat.
  2. Mini burguer: Mini-hamburger with caramelized onions and french fries.
  3. Vegetable Tosta: Toast with lettuce, tomato, tuna, egg and mayonnaise.
2. Bar-Cafetería Don Gato

C/ Jaume I, 5 ☎️ 615 162 778  V a D de 12 a 16 y 20 a 23h

  1. Turron sirloin empanada: sirloin toast, cheese and nougat.
  2. Sepia lunera: Sepia in sauce.
  3. Quail nest: Boiled potato nest with peregil and quail egg.
3. Bar-Cafetería Oro Negro

  C/ Josep Belda junto a E.S. Cepsa ☎️670 549 310  L a S de 12 a 16h.

  1. Black Gold Cocktail: Fried bread cocktail, fish, shrimp, asparagus, cheese and nougat sauce.
  2. To my roll: Crepe stuffed with chicken, cream, spices, caramelized onion, potato and coconut nougat.
  3. The good food: Bean stew, chickpeas, chard, pumpkin and cod croquette.
4. Pizzería Crack

 C/ Alacant, 18 C ☎️965 626 291  V de 20:30h a 00:00h S y D de 13 a 15:30h y 20:30 a 00h.

  1. Wantán Crack with terronico oil and orange.
  2. Foie and apple millefeuille.
  3. Seafood pizza with nougat allioli.
5. Ca Blanes

 C/ Alacant, 11 ☎️965 626 291  L a V de 8:30 a 13:30 y S y D de 8:30 q 14h.

  1. Timbal of toasted yolk nougat: Mousse and creamy and toasted yolk nougat and Catalan cream liqueur.
  2. Pou de la Neu: Snow nougat mouse, inside profiterol with chocolate roof.
  3. Marinera with nougat a la piedra: Russian salad with nougat on the stone.
6. L'Entrepà

 C/ Alcoi, 25 ☎️965 612 227  M a J de 13 a 15:30h V a D de 13 a 15:30h y 20h a cierre.

  1. La dansà: Tarta and Taquito de Jijona nougat chicken.
  2. La Carrasqueta: Seed bread ingot with nougat foie and yogurt cream.
  3. The pastisset: Cod fritter with heart of turron of yolk and nougat allioli.
7. Cervecería Doble L

 C/ Marcel Mira i Carbonell, 6 ☎️620 465 749  M a J de 12:30 a 15:30 y 20h a 22h. V y S de 12:30 a 15:30h y 20:30 a 23h. D de 12:30h a 15:30h.

  1. Flavors palette: French fries with different nougat sauces.
  2. Mandonguilles: Meatballs with nougat carbonara sauce.
  3. Cheese Nougat: Cheesecake with nougat from Jijona.
8. Antiu Xixona Gelats Guti

 Av. Constitució, 26 ☎️609 691 110  L a D de 9h. a cierre.

  1. Chocolate tulip with nougat mousse.
  2. Hot and cold bun.
  3. Yolk nougat ice cream.
9. Cervecería VicMo

 Av. Constitució, 20 ☎️625 849 977  L a S de 12 a 15 y 20 a 23h. D de 12 a 15h.

  1. Steak roll: Panecillo stuffed with roasted meat with Jijona nougat sauce and cream cheese.
  2. Maki steak: Rice paper stuffed with steak tartar sliced maki style.
  3. Salmon 3 colors: Tartar of salmon, guacamola and tartar sauce.
10. Societat El Trabajo

 Av. Constitució, 19 ☎️865 660 282  M de 12:30 a 15:30h. V y S de 12:30 a 15:30 y de 20:30 a 23h. D de 12:30 a 15:30h.

  1. Cannelloni with nougat: Puff pastry filled with Nougat mousse from Jijona.
  2. Mini burguer: Lettuce, tomato, caramelized onion, cheese and egg.
  3. Sausage sandwiches: Broken dough filled with frankfurter sausage, cheese and crunchy onion.
Mapa teapeando con turrón por Jijona 2019


The price of the tapa and drink will be 2.5 €. In case the customer wants only the tapa will be charged only € 1.8.

Tapas with nougat

Each time with more strength, jijonenca gastronomy professionals have shown us that nougat has a place in our kitchen, it is a perfect food to combine with meats, fish, salads, pasta, etc... for the surprising of its flavor and texture so characteristic.

In addition to its flavor, nougat has very complete nutritional properties that makes it very suitable for inclusion in our traditional cuisine: it is a source of carbohydrates, proteins and vegetable fats good for our body.

Do you want to know more recipes with nougat?

We encourage you to enter the section Recipes with nougat that we have under construction on our website where we will upload recipes with nougat made by us and by our customers, and try to make them at home.

How to participate in the draws of Tapeando with Nougat by Jijona 2019?

Follow the following instructions to win the various prizes of this edition:

  1. Request the booklet or brochure of the route of the tapas at the Tourism Office of Xixona or at any of the participating establishments from May 3.

  2. Fill the card of Tapeando with Nougat by Jijona 2019 with the 8 stamps that will put them in each of the establishments when ordering their corresponding cover. It is essential to have a brother-in-law in the two zones that have participating bars (downtown area and Sagrada Familia neighborhood).

  3. Vote for the best tapa and tapa with the best presentation of this edition.

  4. Write your personal information in the booklet, and deliver it in one of the participating establishments or in the Tourist Office of Jijona, before the established deadline.

Once the voting period is over, the various prizes of this edition will be drawn, the winners will be published both on and on the websites and social networks of the organizers of the event, which we quote below.

The draw will be held on June 7 at 11 am in the plenary hall of the City of Jijona. The result will be published on the websites and municipal social networks and will be communicated to the winners.

Awards edition 2019

Users who have followed the previous steps and delivered everything correctly will be eligible for the following prizes:

  • A trip offered by participating establishments.
  • A batch of nougat offered by
  • Hotel night for two people in Casa Rural Jijona.
  • Xixona Experience Pack with jijonencos gourmet products by B-News Comunicación.
  • Gourmet dinner for two in L'Entrepà.
  • Dinner for two at Crack Pizzeria.
  • Thematic dinner for two at VicMo Brewery.
  • Food for two at Don Gato.
  • Four full breakfasts at Cafetería Oro Negro Bar.
  • Bnadeja assorted powder, chocolates, sugared almonds and marzipan by Pastelería Escoda.
  • Tasting of fried cocas with pericana for two people in Cervecería Doble L.
  • Two full breakfasts at Antiu Xixona Gelats Guti.
  • Cake for 12 people from Ca Blanes.
Follow the event on social networks with the hashtag #TapeandoXixona in

Previous editions Tapas with Nougat by Jijona

As we said before with 7 editions behind us we are facing a consolidated event with a large number of visitors every year. Then we leave the posters, along with the participants of the last editions, so that those who have not enjoyed the event can never see what has been in previous editions:

7º Tapeando with Nougat by Jijona (2018)

Cartel Tapeando con turrón por Jijona 2018

6º Tapeando with Nougat by Jijona (2017)

Cartel Tapeando con turrón por Jijona 2017
Establecimientos Tapeando con turrón 2017
Mapa tapeando con turrón por Jijona 2017

5º Tapeando with Nougat by Jijona (2016)

Cartel Tapeando con turrón por Jijona 2016

4º Tapeando with Nougat by Jijona (2015)

Cartel Tapeando con turrón por Jijona 2015

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