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Chestnut Honey
Chestnut Honey

Chestnut Honey

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Seasonal monofloral honey, collected from the fields with chestnuts in bloom during the months of August and September.

Very appreciated both for its beneficial properties for health and for its great culinary value.

Raw honey, of 100% natural origin, which has not been manipulated or pasteurized. Collected by small beekeepers, from the hive home.

Available in 250 and 500g format.


Chestnut Honey from Spain

Arbusto planta romero

Chestnut honey is a monofloral honey collected by bees on land where the chestnut flower (Castanea Sativa) is present. This majestic fruit tree can reach 30 meters high, and is one of the longest-lived fruit trees.

The chestnut flower belongs to the group of hymenophilic flowers, which are those that by their color and aroma attract bees to carry out the process of libation and pollination. Hence the intense aroma of its flowers and the striking colors of them, compared to the large green leaves of the rest of the tree.

This fruit tree native to Asia can be found in Spain in the mountainous systems of the northwest of the peninsula, Andalusia and in the region of Murcia.

The collection of its honey is seasonal, and it occurs in the months of August and September, when its flowering season occurs.

Arbusto planta romero

Chestnut honey is an intense dark amber color that is obvious the first time we see it. Its characteristic intense woody aroma with floral touches make it a honey very appreciated both for culinary uses and for table honey.

With a thick texture, its fructose content is higher than other honey, which causes its crystallization to be very weak, almost non-existent.

Chestnut honey La Carrasqueta, is a raw honey of 100% natural origin, without pasteurization or adulteration, so it retains all the benefits of honey. It is handcrafted by small beekeepers in the Valencian Community.

Properties of Chestnut Honey

Chestnut honey is recommended for:

  • Prevents aging, its high antioxidant content helps promote the elimination of free radicals and consequently helps to slow down aging.
  • Asthmatic people
  • Beneficial in cases of anemia, due to its high iron content.
  • It helps improve blood circulation.

Culinary uses of Chestnut Honey

Chestnut honey for its sensory properties is a honey highly recommended for culinary use. Its intense dark amber color, together with the sweet floral and woody aroma with sour or salty touches, combine very well in a multitude of sweet and savory dishes and desserts.

This honey is widely used in the autumn dishes of Italian cuisine. At this time many gastronomic festivals are celebrated in Italy where chestnut and chestnut honey are the main protagonists.

We encourage you to look for recipes with chestnut honey and tell us that such has been the result. We leave you the name of two of the most famous, in case you want to investigate more on the subject:

  • Walnut cake with chestnut honey.
  • Roasted pears with chestnut and Parmesan honey.


Average nutritional values per 100g of product:

Energetic value  330 Kcal
Fat <0.001g
          of which saturates <0.001g
Carbohydrates 82g
           of which sugars 76.3g
Proteins 0.49g
Salt 3.30mg

Conservation tips

Store in a cool, dry place. Due to its purity this honey tends to crystallize, this natural process can be avoided by heating the water bath.


Honey is not recommended for children under 1 year.

Net Weight
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Honey pot
Nutritional information
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Small beekeepers from the Valencian Community (Spain).

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