List of products by brand TurroDiet

We present Turrodiet, a project born from the combination of professional knowledge in the fields of nutrition and physical preparation, with the tradition and origin Jijonenco of its creators; resulting in a PIONEER product that allows us to enjoy all the flavor of the best nougat, with 0% added sugars and stevia.

But, who better than their own creators to help us know their brand a little? Do not miss the following presentation video:

What is Turrodiet?

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From La Carrasqueta Turrón Artesano we want to bet strongly on the whole range of Turrodiet products, since as a brand, we have several points in common: as the fact that we are both brands formed with young people from Jijona who are committed to natural, quality and elaborated products in Jijona.

In you can buy all nougat and turrodiet products directly and without going through major intermediaries.

We show you below all your products and packs currently available:


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