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What is nougat or chocolate without sugar?

Nougat or sugar-free chocolate are sweets in which sugar has been replaced by a healthier alternative. This alternative to sugar is known as a sweetener. One of these sweeteners that we use in our products is Stevia, known to be a natural sweetener.

Is this nougat or chocolate suitable for diabetics?

You have to distinguish between sweets low in sugar and those without added sugar. The nougat or low-sugar chocolate still maintains a certain part of its added sugars while a sweetener is used to reduce that amount of sugar. The variety without added sugar is the most suitable for diabetics, since it does not contain added sugar or has been totally replaced by a healthier alternative.

What types of nougat and sugar-free chocolates are there?

In our catalog we have several types of nougat and chocolates without added sugar or also called 0 sugar. Among them we can find:

  • Chocolate nougat with no added sugar
  • Hard nougat with no added sugar
  • Almond nougat with no added sugar
  • Soft nougat with no added sugar
  • Jijona nougat with no added sugar
  • Yolk nougat with no added sugar

What is organic nougat or chocolate?

The organic nougat or chocolate is a healthy product in which its ingredients have been treated in an ecological way, that is, respecting the environment and without using chemicals that are harmful to it.

Why buy nougat or sugar-free chocolate in our online store?

In our online store we care so that everyone can enjoy our products in a healthier and more respectful way with the environment. Both our low-sugar and no-sugar-added products maintain all their original flavor.

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