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Our nougat craftsmen are made by master nougat makers following the formulas and traditional jijonencas techniques that have been transmitted from generation to generation.

Unlike other brands of more commercial nougat, we put our best effort to offer the best possible nougat to our customers. Selecting natural products of the highest quality (Marcona Almond and Honey Orange), and making our products with the highest possible percentage of these. An example of this is 70% of Marcona Almond and 17% of Honey of Azahar, used in the elaboration of Jijona Gourmet Nougat, the most demanded nougat in our nougat factory.

Types of nougat

In our assortment of nougat you can find the following varieties of nougat:

  • Soft nougat

    It does not need presentation, it is our usual Jijona nougat, the most appreciated nougat by our customers. We encourage you to see his description here, if you want to know more about this fascinating product.

  • Hard nougat 

    The Alicante nougat of all life, named for its peculiar texture. You can know more details of its elaboration process in the respective product file.

  • A la piedra nougat

    Another of the bestsellers of the typical products of Jijona and the great positive surprise for people who try this nougat for the first time. Its touch of cinnamon and lemon, along with its sweet flavor have turned this artisan nougat that was not originally made for sale, but were the employees of the factories that made it for their own consumption; in one of the most demanded products today.

  • Bakery nougat 

    In this variety of nougat, although the main protagonist is still the almond, a smaller percentage is used and combined with other ingredients to give rise to more particular flavors. Another peculiarity that it has is that it requires a production process totally different from the rest of the varieties that are made in the factory. This variety includes fruit nougat, toasted yolk nougat, natural yolk nougat and natanuez nougat.

  • Chocolate nougat

    This variety includes all the products in which chocolate is used combined with our beloved Marcona Almond. On our website, you can find these nougat in the CHOCOLATES section of the website.

  • Guirlache nougat

    Nougat specially recommended for lovers of Marcona almond flavor. Combination of the best Marcona almond with a kind of candy called guirlache gives us a particular flavor that reminds us of the Arabic origins of nougat type.

Nougat quality

As you will have seen, we can find each of our products in its two qualities:

  • Gourmet nougat

    It is the highest quality nougat. This variety, not only meets the Supreme quality guaranteed by the Jijona and Alicante Nougat Regulatory Council, but exceeds it, reaching 70% of Almond Marcona that gives it a texture and a taste that makes the difference with other nougat also craftsmen.

  • Supreme nougat

    It is the standard quality required by the Jijona and Alicante Nougat Regulating Council, which ensures that all products used as raw material are of the highest quality and that the minimum percentage of almonds used is 64%. In spite of being a lower quality than the previous one, being an artisan product, it will always be much more natural and authentic to most of the nougat marketed in large surfaces.


As for the format, we can enjoy the nougat in the following formats and grammages:

  • Nougat bar

    It is the most usual format in which the nougat is usually presented. Currently we have three different sizes: 300g and 150g for Gourmet quality, and 200g for Supreme quality.

  • Round nougat or cakes

    The cakes or Cocas have the particularity of their rounded shape and thinner thickness than the bar format. That is why its texture usually varies with the nougat bar. This traditional format is rare outside of jijonencas lands, although in recent years it has begun to be known more and more and it is becoming more common to see it in more places.

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