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Turrón Jijona (soft nougat) 300g -...
Turrón Jijona (soft nougat) 300g -...
Turrón Jijona (soft nougat) 300g -...
Turrón Jijona (soft nougat) 300g -...
Turrón Jijona (soft nougat) 300g -...
Turrón Jijona (soft nougat) 300g -...

Turrón Jijona (soft nougat) 300g - Gourmet

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Jijona nougat, also known as soft nougat for its soft and creamy texture combination of marcona almond and orange blossom honey.

We are facing the nougat with a designation of origin par excellence, that nougat that places Jijona on the map and for which every year so many people travel to buy nougat from the municipality.

For its elaboration, first level natural products are used: 70% Marcona Almond and 17% Orange Blossom Honey.

The soft nougat can be found in several formats apart from the 300g bar that we present here, we also offer it in circular format or Jijona nougat Cake 200g format.



The process of making nougat or soft nougat nougat, stands out for the use of the characteristic "boixets", some cauldrons in which heat is applied to the mixture of almond and honey what is known as the nougat cooking stage, and which is accompanied by a characteristic movement which is applied by means of a club that goes up and down continuously to move the mixture.

As you know, our manufacturing process is characterized by a small-scale artisan production, that is, with a few kilos cooked where the quality of the product is put ahead of the production quantity.


Toasted Marcona Almond (70%), Orange Blossom Honey (17%), Sugar and Egg Albumin.


Net Weight
Gourmet Supreme Quality
Packaging type
Almendra Marcona Tostada (70%), Miel de Azahar (17%), Azúcar y Albúmina de huevo.
Nutritional information
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